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Open a requisition

To view and modify the material items in a requisition, you need to open the requisition:

  1. At the top of the Tekla PowerFab window, click the Purchasing button.
  2. In the Select Requisition/Purchase Order dialog box, ensure that you are on the Requisitions tab.
  3. Select the requisition that you want to open.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • At the bottom of the dialog box, click Open.
    • Double-click the selected requisition.

The Requisition # dialog box opens. View the components of the dialog box in the following image:

(1) The summary grid: shows the number of requisition items, their length, square feet, weight, surface area, and cost for items for a single item, the selected items, the displayed items, and the entire requisition.

(2) The mode switch button: the Requisition # dialog box has two modes: the input mode and the manual combine mode. In the input mode, you can add material items and modify them. In the manual combine mode, you can add stock material items, and combine specific material items manually.

To change the mode, click the button in the upper-left corner.

(3) The display area: shows all material items in the requisition.

The visible columns and details can be modified in the Edit Display Fields dialog box.

Note that a C in the leftmost column indicates that the material items have been combined.

(4) The input area: allows you to add properties for new material items and modify properties of the existing material items.

When you select an item in the display area, its properties automatically populate the input fields.

The visible columns and details can be modified in the Edit Input Fields dialog box.

(5) The navigation tree: allows you to only view specific items in the requisition.

Click + to expand and select options in the navigation tree. When you select an option, only material items that match the selected properties are displayed in the display area.

For example, you can expand Shape and select HSS to only display hollow structural sections.

(6) Combining information grid: shows the pieces combined to the item that is selected in the display area.

Note that you can see the number of pieces linked to Production Control in the lower-right corner of the dialog box.

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