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Set up pricing

Before you start working in Tekla PowerFab, it is important to adjust pricing to match that of your company. We recommend that you set up the Pricing Maintenance database as early as possible, so that working in Tekla PowerFab becomes more seamless.

The material database used in Pricing Maintenance contains a variety of pre-loaded material shapes. However, only the most commonly used shapes are available in Pricing Maintenance by default.

The missing material shapes should be added to Pricing Maintenance in order to combine materials in several Tekla PowerFab modules. If the required material shapes, grades, sizes, and lengths are not available in Pricing Maintenance, Tekla PowerFab cannot combine materials.

You can add new shapes, grades, sizes, lengths, and pricing information to the Pricing Maintenance database.

Note: You can create and use multiple pricing data sets in Tekla PowerFab.

The pricing data sets are referred to as supplier warehouses in Tekla PowerFab. Despite their name, supplier warehouses can also represent pricing that is for pricing tiers or other purposes. Supplier warehouses can be labeled in different ways according to their purpose.

Note: The supplier warehouse labeled Warehouse is meant for items that need to be purchased, not items that are in the company's warehouse.

You can update the pricing of multiple items by importing pricing information or by using the Global Edit and Global Edit Form commands. You can also update pricing while working in the Purchasing module, in the Estimating module, or while creating pricing forms.

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