View the production dashboard

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View the production dashboard

You can view and manage the Tekla PowerFab Go production productivity dashboard and the shipping calendar for a job directly from Tekla PowerFab desktop application.

For a user to be able to view the dashboard, the Administator must add the user's PowerFab Go Site Address in File > Administration. See Define Tekla PowerFab administration settings.

For more information on the production dashboard, see Tekla PowerFab Go User Guide.

In Production Control, do either of the following:
  • To get an overview, in the Select Production Control Job dialog box, click Dashboards.

  • To open a dashboard for a job, in the Select Production Control Job dialog box, open a job, click the Production Control ribbon tab, and select Dashboards.

The Dashboard view opens.

To access other functionalities of Tekla PowerFab Go, you have to open Tekla PowerFab Go in a browser.

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