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Default directories

During the Tekla PowerFab installation procedure, you need to set default directories. Default directories are the folders where Tekla PowerFab saves information by default. Default directories are used in the program to manage external files.

The intended functionality requires that certain shared directories are set on each Tekla PowerFab user workstation.

If the default directories are to be located on the same server, the server setting should always use the local path to the folders. In turn, each user sets their default directories pointing to the same location.

On the client machines, the shared directories are best set using IP addresses or UNC file paths. The use of mapped drives is not recommended even though they may work.

It is possible for individual users to have their own default directories, but this is not recommended, with the exception of the Log directory.

Set the default directories for saving files


To ensure that the default directories are consistent on all computers, you can copy the settings.ini file from the first client Tekla PowerFab installation to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Tekla\Tekla PowerFab\Settings for all later installations.

  1. Go to File > Default Directories.

    The Default Directories dialog box opens. Set the default directories for the content specified in Install Tekla PowerFab on a server and Install Tekla PowerFab on a client. The Custom Reports directory is not created during the installation and, therefore, you must add it.

  2. To change the default directories, do the following:
    1. Click ... on the right side of a field.
    2. In the Browse For Folder dialog box, browse to find the folder that you want to set as the default directory.
      If necessary, you can add a new folder under the currently selected one by clicking Make New Folder.
    3. Select the folder.
    4. Click OK.

    Repeat steps a to d to set all necessary default directories.

    Note: It may be easiest to copy and paste the path in the available field. You can check the access to the folder or path by double-clicking in the field for the directory.
  3. To update the default directories, click OK.
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