Migrate Fabsuite users to Tekla PowerFab

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Migrate Fabsuite users to Tekla PowerFab

When moving on to using Tekla PowerFab, administrators need to migrate their company from Fabsuite licensing to Tekla licensing.

Note that once you have migrated to Tekla licensing, the users in your company will not be able to log in to Tekla PowerFab without a Trimble Identity. For more information, see Trimble Identity for Tekla Online Services.

  1. Sign in to Tekla PowerFab.
  2. In the License Migration dialog box, click Start Conversion to Tekla Licensing.

  3. Click Convert to Tekla Licensing Now.

    When the license conversion is completed, Tekla PowerFab asks you to restart.

  4. Click OK to close the message.
  5. Go to https://account.tekla.com and add users to your organization.
  6. Close and restart Tekla PowerFab to use Tekla licensing.
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