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View material reports

Once you have created a material report, you can view it in Tekla EPM Report Viewer.

  1. Create a report.

    For detailed instructions, see Create reports.

  2. In the Report Selection dialog box, click View.
  3. In Tekla EPM Report Viewer, do any of the following according to your needs:
    To Do this
    Move between pages
    • Click the arrows at the top of Tekla EPM Report Viewer.

    Go to a specific page of the report
    • Type the page number in the empty field at the top of Tekla EPM Report Viewer.

    Find a text in the report
    1. Click the binocular icon.

    2. In the blank field, type the text that you want to find.

    3. Click Find Next.

      Any matching text is highlighted with a red box.

    Zoom in or out
    • Click the magnifying glass icon and select the zoom value in the list.

Once you have viewed the report, you can close Tekla EPM Report Viewer, or print, email, or export the report.

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