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View requests for information

Use the View Selected RFIs command to open the currently selected requests for information in Tekla EPM Report Viewer.

  1. In the Request For Information dialog box, select the requests that you want to view.

    To select multiple requests, hold down Ctrl.

    To select a range of subsequent requests, hold down Shift.

  2. Double-click one of the selected requests.
  3. In the View RFI dialog box, select or clear the following check boxes according to your needs:



    Show Company Logo (If Exists)

    When selected, your company logo is visible in the requests.

    Include Impact Text

    When selected, Tekla EPM includes text regarding the importance of the requested information and the delay that may be caused if the response is not sent on time.

  4. If necessary, in the Additional Pages field, type the number of pages you want to add to the request for the attachments to be included.
  5. In the Author field, type the name of the author.

    If you do not type a name in the Author field, Tekla EPM uses the name of your company instead.

  6. To view the request, click View Request.

The selected requests open in Tekla EPM Report Viewer.

In the Tekla EPM Report Viewer window, you can send the requests via email either as PDF files or Microsoft Excel worksheets, print the requests, or export the requests and save them in another file format.

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