View the labor times of items

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View the labor times of items

Use the View Labor Details command to easily review the labor time of an item or a group of items, as well as the labor time of the entire estimating job. If necessary, you can override the labor time calculated by Tekla EPM and enter the labor time manually instead.

  1. In the Estimating dialog box, select the items whose labor details you want to view.

    To select multiple items, hold down Ctrl.

    To select a range of subsequent items, hold down Shift.

  2. Click the Estimating ribbon tab.
  3. On the menu, select View Labor Details.

    The Labor Details dialog box opens.

    The labor estimated time used on the selected items, the displayed items, and the total estimating job are viewed in a table, categorized by labor group.

  4. If you want to enter labor time manually, do the following:
    1. In the table, select and right-click the labor time that you want to override.
    2. In the context menu, click Set Manual Override.
    3. Select if you want to enter the labor time in hours or minutes.
    4. Enter the desired labor time in the Manual Override field.
    5. Click Set Manual Override.

    The items whose values have changed are highlighted with yellow. Other items affected by the change are highlighted with blue.

    If you want to remove the manual override and revert to the labor time calculated by Tekla EPM, right-click the item and select Remove Manual Override.

  5. To close the dialog box, click the Close button (X) in the upper-right corner.

To print, email, or export the information in the Labor Details dialog box, create a Labor Detail report. For more information on creating reports, see View, email, export, and print estimating reports.

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