Calculating labor time

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Calculating labor time

The labor database consists of different elements that work together to calculate accurate labor times. See the purposes of each labor element:

Labor rates

Labor rates are hourly rates for specific fabrication functions, such as detailing, erecting, and shop labor.

Labor rates are assigned to different labor groups.

For instructions on adjusting labor rates, see Create and modify labor rates.

Labor groups

Labor groups bring together the assigned labor times and the hourly labor rates. A labor group can be described as a bucket where you put labor time and assign a labor rate.

The labor group is assigned to the labor operations. The labor from the labor operation is then summarized in the labor group, and a labor rate is applied.

For instructions on adjusting labor groups, see Create, modify, and delete labor groups.

Labor operations

Labor operations bring together the labor group and the extrapolation factor.

A labor operation is assigned an extrapolation factor and the time defined in the labor standard. Based on this information, Tekla EPM calculates the amount of labor based on the properties of the material.

Labor operations can be assigned through labor codes, estimate extras, or in some cases, additional labor.

To use a labor operation in an estimating job, you need to add it to a labor code in Labor Codes.

The labor time used for each labor operation is determined in Labor Standards Maintenance. For more information, see Adjust labor standards.

For instructions on adjusting labor operations, see Create, modify, and delete labor operations.

Labor codes

Labor codes group labor operations together with formulas that calculate burn, drill, punch, and weld time, the material and labor for standard clips.

The estimating items that do not belong to any material group, such as comments, hardware, and buy-out items, are not included in labor codes.

Labor codes also include the assignment of shop or field bolts, including the cleaning and splicing when those operations are required.

For instructions on adjusting labor codes, see Adjust labor codes.

See the default labor codes in Tekla EPM in the following image:

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