Create a job-specific accessory

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Create a job-specific accessory

You can create accessories that are only used within the current estimating job. Remember that all labor and material costs associated with the accessory will be added to the estimating job.


We recommend that you create, modify, and delete accessories in Accessory Maintenance. You can also create accessories in an estimating job, but these job-specific accessories cannot be saved to the accessory library, so they cannot be reused in other estimating jobs.

  1. In the Estimating dialog box, click the Estimating ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Job-Specific Accessory Maintenance.
  3. In the Accessory Maintenance dialog box, click New.
  4. If you want to use the accessory multiple times in the current estimating job, enter a part number.
  5. Type a description for the accessory.
  6. Enter the remaining properties for the accessory:




    The number of accessories per item to which they are added.


    The material shape of the accessory.


    The material size of the accessory.


    The length of the accessory.


    The material grade of the accessory.


    The labor code of the accessory.

    For more information, see Adjust labor codes.


    The estimate extras applied to the accessory.

    To add estimate extras, double-click the Extra field.

    For more information, see Create estimate extras.


    The number of holes in the accessory.

    Web Holes

    The number of web holes in the accessory.


    The number of stiffeners in the accessory.


    The number of copes in the accessory.


    The number of man hours spent on the accessory.

    Manual Cost

    The cost for the accessory that you can enter manually.

    The manual cost is optional, and it overrides the pricing information in the pricing database.


    When selected, the item to which the accessory is added is considered a main piece.


    An optional and additional comment on the accessory.

    Erect Hrs

    The number of man hours spent on erecting the accessory.

    Erect Cost

    The cost of erecting the accessory.

    Prod. Code

    The production code applied to the accessory.


    The camber size used with the accessory. For example, the value can be 3/4" or 19 mm.

    Holes w/o Bo

    The number of holes per piece in the accessory. No bolts will be added.

    Top Flg Holes, Bot Flg Holes

    The number of top flange holes or bottom flange holes per accessory.

    Welded Studs

    The number of welded studs per accessory.

    Detailing Hrs

    The number of hours spent on erecting the accessory.

    Detailing Cost

    The amount of money used for erecting the accessory.


    A cost per piece that is added to the material cost of the accessory.

  7. Click Add.

    The accessory is added to the list, and you can add it in the current estimating job.

    You can also use the other buttons at the bottom of the Accessory Maintenance to modify the job-specific accessories:
    • Click Edit to modify the selected accessory.

    • Click Copy to create a new accessory based on the selected accessory.

    • Click Delete to permanently delete the selected accessory.

    • Click Global Edit Selected to modify the properties of multiple selected accessories at once.

  8. To close the dialog box, click the Close button (X) in the upper-right corner.
  9. Add the accessory to an item in the estimating job.

    For more information, see Add an accessory.

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