Define default galvanizing settings

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Define default galvanizing settings

You can define default galvanizing costs and freight settings used in all estimating jobs. Whenever an item in an estimating job is marked as galvanized, these default costs are applied to it.

  1. At the bottom of the Estimating Company Standards dialog box, click Galvanizing.

    The Galvanizing dialog box opens.

  2. Define the cost per pound, minimum cost, and freight cost.
  3. In Trailer Capacity, type the trailer capacity.

    If you type 0 in the field, the freight cost value will be the total cost. If you enter a greater value, the freight cost value will be the cost per truck.

  4. Define the labor prep cost as price per pound.
  5. In the Weight - Percent Added field, define the percentage of galvanizing weight to be added for each galvanized item.

    The percentage is only used to calculate the galvanizing cost. It does not affect the weights of galvanized items in the Estimating module or reports.

  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Estimating Company Standards dialog box, click Save.

The default galvanizing settings are updated.

Note that you can also set job-specific galvanizing settings that override the default galvanizing settings. For more information, see Define and modify job-specific galvanizing settings.

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