Create job-specific paint systems

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Create job-specific paint systems

To create paint systems that are only used in the current estimating job, do the following:


To use job-specific paint types in paint systems, you first need to define them in the Estimate Job Edit dialog box.

  1. While in the Estimate Job Edit dialog box, open the Paint Systems tab.
  2. Click New Paint System.
  3. Type a description for the new paint system.
  4. Use the arrows to move the paints that you want to include in the paint system to the Included list.
  5. Type the number of paint coats in the Quantity field.
  6. If you want to set the paint system as the default paint system for new items in the estimating job, select the Default check box.

If you cannot see the Paint System field in the estimating job, modify the visible input fields via Maintenance > Estimating > Edit Input Fields.

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