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Add an accessory

Accessories are commonly used items that you can add to items in your estimating jobs. You can create accessories for items such as stiffeners, base plates, or embeds. Accessories can also be linked to specific material shapes and sizes, so that they can only be added to items of that shape and size. To add an accessory to an item, use the Add Accessory command.

Note that a you can also add an accessory by typing the part number of the accessory in the Part # field.

  1. In the Estimating dialog box, select the item for which you want to add an accessory.
  2. Click the Estimating ribbon tab.
  3. On the menu, select Add Accessory.

    The Select Accessory dialog box opens.

    If the accessory list is empty, there are no accessories linked to the selected material shape and size. In these cases, you can either create a new accessory in Accessory Maintenance, or create a job-specific accessory.

  4. In the accessory list, select the accessory that you want to add.
  5. Select or clear the check boxes at the bottom of the dialog box according to your needs.
  6. Click Add Selected.

The Select Accessory dialog box closes.

The accessory is added as the last item of the selected page in the Estimating dialog box.

Note that accessories have the same input fields and properties as other estimating items. In addition, accessories have a description.

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