The Tekla EPM window

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The Tekla EPM window

See the elements of the Tekla EPM window in the following image:

  • The File menu contains all administrative commands.

  • The Maintenance menu allows you to adjust the settings of all Tekla EPM modules and jobs.

  • The About menu allows you to access the Tekla EPM release notes, and configuration and version information.

  • The Windows menu lists all your open Tekla EPM dialog boxes.

    You can select a dialog box in the menu to open it on top of other dialog boxes.

  • A contextual menu is available when working in any Tekla EPM module.

    When you open a Tekla EPM module, the related contextual ribbon tab appears on the right side of the other ribbon tabs.

    By clicking the contextual ribbon tab, you can access the commands in the contextual menu. Any commands that you click in the contextual menu only affect the job that is currently open.

  • The buttons at the top of the Tekla EPM window represent the various Tekla EPM modules.

    You can access a module by clicking the desired button.

    If you do not have rights to access a module, the module button appears gray and cannot be selected.

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