2021: Enhancements

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2021: Enhancements


Defect number Development area Description
EPM-4822 Setup Previously, printing a report with the Print to PDF option could cause an error or crash. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5225 Setup

In Tekla EPM, you now stay signed in with your Trimble Identity by default. When you exit Tekla EPM, you have the option to sign out. If you select the Trimble Identity - Sign Out check box once, you will sign out of your Trimble Identity each time you exit Tekla EPM.

RN Trimble Identity Sign Out check box.png
EPM-5242 Setup If starting the Tekla EPM Remote Server through the Tekla EPM Remote Monitor fails, the reason is now shown in an error message.
EPM-5051 Estimating Previously, when an estimating job was copied, the paint system was not correctly copied to the standard clips in the new job. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5056 Estimating Previously, the Summary Information - to Excel estimating report failed when the device was set to use comma (,) as the decimal separator. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5211 Estimating Previously, you could not update the Manual Cost field for estimating items if you did not also update the cost in the Cost/Pc field. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5239 Estimating Previously, when you imported IFC files that included welds that were not recognized or mapped, an error occurred. Now, Tekla EPM asks you to map the weld type.
EPM-5043 Project management Previously, editing the details of an existing RFI recipient sometimes added an additional recipient instead of updating the details of the existing recipient. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5269 Project management Previously, typing characters that were not numbers in the Journal Entry # field caused Tekla EPM to crash. This has now been fixed, so that you can use other characters in journal entry numbers as well.
EPM-4039 Production control When you load a CNC file into a production control job, the file will no longer be considered a new version if only the quantity and phase have changed.
EPM-4580 Production control

 On the Production Status dialog box, horizontal scrolling did not work when many summary fields were selected. This has now been fixed.

EPM-4958 Production control In Production Control, load tracking now shows weights using the right conversion factor.
EPM-4961 Production control Production and shipping statuses of assemblies are now published to Trimble Connect correctly when comment items are used as the main pieces of assemblies.
EPM-5059 Production control Previously, when you completed a station on the cut list page in Tekla EPM Go, the hours shown for the completed production station in Production Control could have too many decimal places. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5060 Production control When you select Review > Production Status in the Production Control menu with a production control job open, the Production Status dialog box now opens with the previously set filter. Previously, you had to set a filter each time you opened the Production Status dialog box. You can change the applied filter by clicking the Filter button.
EPM-5061 Production control In Freight Maintenance, you can now change the currency used in the Minimum Freight Charge Per Job, Minimum Freight Charge Per Load, and Minimum Freight Charge fields.
EPM-5183 Production control Previously, SDS/2 job import crashed if the job contained invalid sequences. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5243 Production control Previously, if you had selected the Open to Filter Selection option in Production Control company standard settings, all filters were not available in the initial Production Control Filters dialog box. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5092 Administration Tekla EPM API: The SaveNest API command now properly saves the sequence and lot number of parts in the nest.
EPM-5093 Administration Tekla EPM API: The SaveNest API command now allows nesting Production Control items on a requisition.
EPM-5133 Administration Previously, Tekla EPM API crashed if you tried to change the shape, grade, dimensions, or length of an existing nest. This has now been fixed.
EPM-4271 Purchasing Previously, a rounding error in purchase order reports could cause a discrepancy in the cost subtotals. This has now been fixed.
EPM-4360 Purchasing

Previously, when you opened Document Index from the Select Requisition/Purchase Order dialog box, the Select Requisition/Purchase Order dialog box closed even when the Keep Purchasing Selection Screen Open check box was selected in the purchasing company standard settings. This has now been fixed.

EPM-5058 Purchasing Previously in Document Index, heat documents could not be added for a purchase order if the vendor of the purchase order had been changed. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5204 Inventory Inventory transaction history reports have been added to the report groups in the Automated Events dialog box, so that you can run inventory transaction history reports automatically.
EPM-5245 Inventory When you take from stock an inventory item that is linked to an external nest, you can now select to use the nesting details of that external nest, including the remnant.
EPM-5131 Requisitions If you uncombine an item that has been combined within a requisition, Tekla EPM now restores the information in the item's Comment field.
EPM-5205 Order entry Previously, adding new payment terms for the Order Entry module caused MySQL errors. This has now been fixed.
EPM-4963 Integrations

You can now adjust the drop length for plates nested in external software when you import the nests into Tekla EPM. To do so, select the Override External Drop Nest check box and define the drop properties.



EPM-4978 Integrations CIS/2 imports into the Combining and Estimating modules have been removed.
EPM-5004 Integrations

When you export ProNest PNL files, you now have the option to use the full path of the CNC files instead of just the file name.

ProNest settings.png


EPM-5035 Integrations The DSTV+ Settings dialog box now has a new Export DSTV+ For option. This option allows you to select a target software for the export, so that differences between the software can be taken into account in the export.
EPM-5127 Integrations Previously, when you imported HTML files with the ProNest integration, the import crashed if Tekla EPM could not connect to the ProNest database. This has now been fixed. 
EPM-5128 Integrations

In some regions, equal-leg angles and square HSSs are defined by only two values, depth and thickness. Since Tekla EPM requires three values (depth, width, and thickness), Tekla EPM will now convert the material description of imported items by duplicating the depth.

EPM-5165 Integrations

Previously, plates in NC files generated by Tekla EPM had thicknesses entered twice, and the kilograms per square meter data was missing. This has now been fixed.

EPM-5166 Integrations Importing nest results from SigmaNest did not read the job field correctly. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5226, EPM-5227 Integrations Previously, when you imported jobs from SDS/2 and mapped to the right drawing approval status, the selected drawing approval status was not saved. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5266 Integrations

SigmaNest program names were previously stored as a number, which caused issues when a user chose a text name. This field has now been updated to accept non-numeric characters also.

EPM-5267 Integrations Previously, when you imported nested items from ProNest to Tekla EPM and synchronized the inventory between ProNest and Tekla EPM, the remnants were sometimes incorrectly set to zero in ProNest. This has now been fixed.
EPM-5274 Integrations

Previously, when Trimble Connect Organizer performed a sync with an empty node, an error occurred. This has now been fixed.

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