Combine requisition items manually

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Combine requisition items manually

To combine the selected material lengths manually, you need to activate the manual combine mode. You can then select pieces to combine them into a specific material length, or uncombine pieces from a material length.

Note that you can only manually combine items that have been created manually or by copying existing items in the manual combine mode. These items are marked with a C in the leftmost column of the Requisition # dialog box.

  1. In the upper-left corner of the Requisition # dialog box, click Manual Combine Mode.

    The manual combine mode is activated.

  2. Select the material item to which you want to combine new items.
  3. At the bottom of the dialog box, click Add Items.

    The Add Item dialog box opens. You can see all available uncombined materials that can be combined into the selected length.

    Tekla EPM notifies you if there are no materials available to be combined. In this case, you need to uncombine some previously combined material items by selecting the items and clicking the Uncombine button at the bottom of the Requisition # dialog box.

  4. In the Add Item dialog box, click an uncombined item to select it.
  5. If necessary, modify the quantity of inventory items that you are combining materials to.

    If the quantity is greater than 1, the materials should be multiples of that quantity in order to be displayed and selected in the Add Item dialog box.

  6. To allow material grade substitutions, select the Use Grade Substitutions check box.
  7. Click Add.

The selected uncombined pieces are now combined into the selected material item.

To return to input mode, click Input Mode in the upper-left corner of the Requisition # dialog box.

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