Combine items in the Requisition # dialog box

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Combine items in the Requisition # dialog box

Use the Combine command to mult and nest requisition items. Combining requisition items creates a list of materials that you can later send out for pricing.

  1. In the Requisition # dialog box, click the Requisition ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Combine.

    The Select Combining Run dialog box opens. When you are performing the first combining run for a combining job, the list in the dialog box is empty.

  3. Click a desired combining option to select it.
    The options are:
    • Mult: combines linear items, like beams and angles.

    • Nest: combines items that have area, like plates or gratings.

    • Mult & Nest: combines all items.

    The Combining Run Filters dialog box opens.


    Filtering items is optional, so you can skip steps 4 to 7 if you do not want to filter out items from the combining run.

  4. To only combine specific types of materials, select a filter type in the Type list, and click Select.
  5. In the Filter dialog box, do one of the following depending on the filter type:
    • Click the arrow buttons to move the items that you want to combine to the Included list.
    • Type the maximum and minimum values for the items that you want to combine.
  6. Click OK to apply the filter.

    Repeat steps 4 to 6 for each filter type that you want to set.

  7. To ensure that you are using the correct settings, click the Optimizations, INV Filter, and Suppliers buttons.

    If necessary, you can modify the settings.

  8. To combine the materials, click the button at the bottom of the Combining Run Filters dialog box, or press F4.
  • Piece mark items included with the selected stock lengths are displayed at the lower-left section of the dialog box.
  • Combining results are shown in both the display area and in the summary grid at the lower-right section of the dialog box.
  • The material cost represents the pricing of the materials in the pricing database that was used in the combining run.
To save the combining run, click one of the following:
  • Save Combining Run: saves the combining run as a snapshot that you can later view by selecting it in the Select Combining Run dialog box. No cut lists are generated.

  • Save Displayed Results & Close: completes the requisition combining run, saves the displayed combining run results, and returns to the Requisition # dialog box.

The material items that were combined to existing inventory items are removed from the requisition and disappear from the Requisition # dialog box. The items that were combined to the supplier materials remain in the requisition until you send the items to a purchase order.

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