Manage requests for information

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Manage requests for information

Official requests for information, or RFIs, allow you to log the flow of information between parties in construction projects. RFIs can be used to clarify the design intent, get missing information, receive approval for alternate methods or materials, get approved fixes for any conflicts in the field, or get any other critical information to ensure that the project conforms to the intent of the design team. You can save all RFIs and their responses to Tekla EPM, so that everyone in the current project can keep track of the project easily.

Do any of the following:
  • On the right side of the Project dialog box, click the RFIs button.

  • On the Summary tab of the Project dialog box, click + in the upper-right corner of the RFIs section, and select which requests for information you want to see.

The Request For Information dialog box opens.

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