Open and view a production control job

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Open and view a production control job

To view or modify the items in an existing production control job, you need to open the job. Do the following:

  1. In the Select Production Control Job dialog box, click the job that you want to open.

    Jobs whose statuses are set to Closed are not shown by default. To show closed jobs, select the Show Closed Jobs check box.

  2. Double-click the job, or click Open at the bottom of the dialog box.
  3. If the Open to Filter Selection check box has been selected in company standards, set filters in the Production Control Filters dialog box to only show the items that you want to see.

The Production Control dialog box opens.

View the elements in the dialog box in the following image:


The navigation tree allows you to view items by drawing number, shape, sequence, or load.

Click + to expand a category, and click a sub-category to only display items of that category.


By default, the summary shows the quantity, length, area, and weight of each item, the current item and assembly, the selected items, all items shown in the display area, and the entire job.

You can click the check box in the upper-left corner of the summary to select for which items you want to show the summary.


Use the Find button to find items of a specific shape, material grade, or material dimension, or a specific item in the production control job. For instructions, see Find production control items.


The input section allows you to modify the information of new or selected material items.


The Sequence section shows the sequences of the selected item, and the Edit Sequences button allows you to manage the sequences. For instructions, see Manage sequences.


Information grid: allows you to view the overall situation of the material item:
  • REQ: The number of pieces that are on a requisition and have not yet been combined or purchased.

  • INV: The number of pieces that have been combined in the production control job and are currently listed in a purchase order.

  • TFS: The number of pieces that have been taken from stock and are being worked in the shop.


Links, Piece Tracking, Loads, and Production Status buttons allow you to view and manage the item's station summary and the loading situation, and view the production status and the linked material items in other modules. If multiple items are selected, the information of the last selected item is shown.

For instructions, see View material links, Track production by piece mark, Create, modify, and delete loads, and Review the production statuses of items.

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