Create, modify, and delete order and quote categories

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Create, modify, and delete order and quote categories

In the Order Category Maintenance dialog box, you can create a list of standard categories for orders and quotes. For example, you can create separate order categories for walk-in customers and regular customers. The categories that you define are available in the Order dialog box for both quotes and orders.

  1. Click the Maintenance ribbon tab.
  2. In the menu, select Order Entry > Order Category Maintenance.
  3. In the Order Categories dialog box, do any of the following according to your needs:


    Do this

    Add a category

    1. Click New.

    2. In the Category field, type a name for the category.

    3. In the Description field, type a description for the category.

    4. Click Add to save the new category and add it to the list.

    Modify an order category

    1. Select the order category that you want to modify.

    2. Modify the name and description of the selected order category.
    3. Click Save to save the changes.

    Delete a category

    1. Select the category that you want to delete the list.
    2. Click Delete.
    3. To permanently delete the category, click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
  4. To close the dialog box, click the Close button (X) in the upper-right corner.
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