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Find and view assemblies

You can view assemblies, their properties, and the items within the assemblies in Tekla EPM Go. If the job has been linked to Trimble Connect and an IFC model has been attached to the Trimble Connect project, you can also view the assembly in the IFC model.

  1. On the homepage, scroll to the job whose assemblies you want to view.
  2. Tap Open Project.

    The job information view opens.

  3. Do any of the following:
    • At the top of the page, tap Assemblies.
    • In the Assemblies section, tap View.

    The assemblies in the current job are shown.

  4. To find the assembly that you want to view, do any of the following:
    • Scroll to find the assembly.
    • Type the main mark number in the Find Assembly field.
    • Set a filter that only shows the desired assemblies.

      For more information on filters, see Set and clear filters.

  5. To view the details of the assembly, do any of the following:
    • To view the properties of the assembly, tap the number in the Main Mark column.
    • To view the assembly and the items that belong to it, tap the icon.
    • To view the assembly in the attached IFC model using Trimble Connect, tap the icon.

      Note that if the job is not connected to a Trimble Connect project, the icon is not visible.

    • View the number of inspection tests completed on assemblies in the inspection test columns.

      The names of the columns depend on the inspection tests that have been performed. If no inspection tests have been completed for the assemblies, no inspection test columns is not visible.

  6. To view all assemblies again, tap the Filters icon () in the upper-right corner, and tap Clear.
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