Tekla Portal Frame Designer 22 & Tekla Connection Designer 22 Release notes

Tekla Portal Frame Designer
Tekla Connection Designer
Tekla Portal Frame Designer
Tekla Connection Designer

Installation and licensing

This release will upgrade your Tekla Portal Frame Designer & Tekla Connection Designer installation to version number and should be installed to ensure optimum function of the program. Any previous versions will be removed.

When you install Tekla Portal Frame Designer & Tekla Connection Designer, you will be asked to select your license method from a range of options. These are fully explained in the "Tekla Engineering Software - Installation and Licensing Guide" which can be viewed during the installation process by clicking the button shown below.

View installation guide

To install Tekla Portal Frame Designer & Tekla Connection Designer:

  1. Download the installation file from Tekla Downloads to your computer.
  2. Double-click the installation file to run the installation.
  3. Follow the steps in the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Subscription Licenses

If you have Subscription Licenses they will use the Tekla Online License Method and the 2022 license(s) should already have been added to your Tekla Online Organization. Select the “Tekla Online” license method option when installing as shown in the picture below:
Tekla online licence selection
  • In order to use a Tekla Online license you will need: a verified Trimble Identity & Tekla Online Account; to be a member of your company's Tekla Online Organization; have an Online License assigned to you by your Organization’s Administrator; to Sign In to your Tekla Online account when you run the program.

  • Sign-In - there is a change to the behavior when you sign-in to run this version as follows:

    • The sign-in process now uses the Windows default web browser - when you run the program a new dialog box appears informing you of this, then your default browser will open at the Trimble Identity sign-in page, as shown in the picture below. Simply sign-in as usual and close the browser window, then the program will open.

      Tekla sign in

On-premises (Perpetual) Licenses


For perpetual licenses using Sentinel RMS (both local and server), Tekla Portal Frame Designer 22 & Tekla Connection Designer 22 will require the activation of a new 2022 version license. You should already have received your 2022 Product Activation Key (PAK) as these are distributed prior to the software release. Please contact your local Service Department now if you do not have your PAK. To minimize any down time, we recommend you activate your PAK BEFORE installing this release.


License Server Version - if you are using Sentinel RMS Server Licenses, the Tekla Structural License Service on your license server must be updated to version 3.2.x or later (incorporating Sentinel RMS 9.7) to be compatible with this release. The installation for this can be obtained from Tekla Downloads. Sentinel RMS server licensing will not function correctly if this update is not performed!

  • For any type of On-premises (Perpetual) Licenses, select the “On-premises'' License Method option when installing, then the appropriate option on the next page as follows:

    • For a mix of pooled Subscription and Sentinel RMS server licenses, select the “Automatic” option as described in this TUA Article.

    • Otherwise, select the “Server Sentinel RMS”, “Local Sentinel RMS” or “Local Hardware Key” option appropriate to your license type*.

      • *If you have a mix of license methods per product, you can edit the license method used by each product after the installation as described in this TUA Article.
        Tekla on premises licence method choices

Fixes & Enhancements

There are no new fixes or enhancements.


  • Tekla Structural Designer - if you wish to integrate Tekla Portal Frame Designer 22 and/or Tekla Connection Designer 22 with Tekla Structural Designer you MUST install Tekla Structural Designer 2022 available from the Tekla Download Service.
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