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Create a quick quote

Quick quotes allow you to quickly enter line items for a quote or an order. You can then either save the line items to an existing quote or order, or create a new quote or order containing the line items.

You can also create quick quotes in the Inventory module by clicking the Inventory ribbon tab and selecting Order Entry > Quick Quote.

  1. In the Order Entry dialog box, click the Order Entry ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Quick Quote.
  3. In the Quick Quote dialog box, select the customer and contact.
  4. Determine the quantity of items, the shape, dimensions, grade, length, and the base price.

    Once you have selected the shape, grade, and dimension, you can select the item from existing inventory items.

  5. If the item is taxable, select the Taxable check box.
  6. To apply markup to the item you created, select the Markup check box.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • To save the item to an existing quote or order, click Save to Quote/Order, and double-click the desired quote or order.
    • To create a new quote or order, click Save to New Quote or Save to New Order, and enter the quote or order information and details.
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