Create a quote or an order

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Create a quote or an order

Quotes and orders are created in the exact same way. Orders can be invoiced and their materials can be sent to purchase orders, whereas quotes are simply price estimates that the customer can accept or decline. Alternatively, you can also create quotes in the Inventory module.

  1. At the bottom of the Order Entry dialog box, click New Quote or New Order.

  2. If necessary, modify the quote or order number at the top of the Order Information dialog box.
  3. Enter a job description and the eventual customer purchase order number.
  4. In the Salesman list, select the salesman.

    All users listed in the Administration dialog box are available in the Salesman list.

  5. Select the quote or order date and the delivery date.
  6. In the Customer Name list on the Customer/Terms/Settings tab, select a company.

    All companies in the address book whose firm type is Customer are available in the list. When you select the company, the default shipping and billing addresses and the customer code are automatically added to the dialog box. If necessary, you can select an alternative shipping or billing address in the appropriate lists.

  7. In the Contact list, select a contact person associated with the customer company.

    You can also add a contact person into the address book in the current dialog box. Type a new name in the Contact field and click the Add button that has appeared on the right side of the field. Then, enter the contact information for the new contact person.

  8. Select the tax group, order category, territory, shipping method, payment terms, price group, and price level in the appropriate lists.
  9. In the Item Increment field, type a value used for numbering materials in the quote or order.

    Using the default auto-increment of 10 allows items to be added in the list according to your needs, without having to renumber the other items in the job.

  10. To limit the available stock material selection to a certain inventory location, select the Restrict to Inventory Location check box, and select the inventory location in the list.
  11. If necessary, you can click the buttons on the right to modify the input and display units, combining optimizations, and suppliers of the current quote or order.
  12. Go to the Notes tab to add notes regarding the quote or order.

    The notes will appear in quote and order reports.

  13. Go to the Internal Notes tab to add private notes regarding the quote or order.
  14. At the bottom of the dialog box, click Save Quote Information or Save Order Information.
The quote or order is created and added to the Order Entry dialog box. You can modify all properties later, if necessary.

The Details dialog box opens. You can add quote or order details regarding, for example, materials, charges, and discounts.

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