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Share calculations to other Tedds users

At some point, you may need to share your calculations to other Tedds users. For this purpose, you can use the Calc Publishing Wizard. With Calc Publishing Wizard, you can create installation packages, which automatically install the calc set to the other user's computer. In addition to the set itself, installation packages contain all the libraries associated with the set. Installation packages can also contain data lists, data tables, and data graphs.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Create calculation packages

  1. Click Tools > Calc Publishing Wizard.

    The Tedds Calc Publishing Wizard opens.

  2. To select the appropriate type in the Package Type list, see the options below.
    • If your calculations only use data lists, data tables, and data graphs provided with Tedds, select Tedds System Calculation.

    • If your calculations use your own customized data lists, data tables, and data graphs, select Tedds System & User Calculation.

  3. In the side pane, click the Sets folder.
  4. Click Add file.
  5. Select the items that you want to add to your project.
  6. To prevent other users from overwriting the file, you can select the file and ensure that the ReadOnly value is set to True.

  7. Go to the Properties tab.
  8. Define properties for the installation package.

    Title, Author, and Output installation package (the location where the installation package will be created) are mandatory information.

  9. Click Build.

    Tedds creates an .MSI file in the location that you defined in Output installation package.


    Consider saving the publishing project, so that you can easily re-build the package if you have updated the calculations and want to share the new versions.

Install calculation packages

Double-click the desired .MSI file and follow the on-screen prompts.

The calculation is now available in the index in both Tedds and Tedds for Word.


You can copy the installation package to an USB flash drive, email it, or publish it online.

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