How to handle model sharing accounts when company name changes

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Our company name is going to change and our emails will also be changing. How to handle our accounts so that we still have access to our current model sharing models?

Here we explain two different situation for company name change:

Only name changes

If only the company name changes, you will be able to continue using your current models, if you follow these steps:
  1. Change company name to the existing organization - ask your local Tekla support to do this
  2. Change emails to current accounts - change email to your current account, pay attention not to create a new account! For more information how to change the email, see "Tekla Online profile information" in Trimble Identity for Tekla Online services

Two companies merged

If the company name changes so that for example company Alfa buys the company Beeta, this means that the organization ID will be changing for organization Beeta users and they cannot anymore access model sharing or their shared models. The model ownership of company Beeta models needs to be moved to Alfa organization, same applies also for Warehouse contents. In this case you need to contact your local support to get models merged to a new organization, ownership changed and user move accepted.
  1. Contact your local Tekla support and ask for ownership change
  2. Admin of the company Alfa moves the users from the Beeta organization to the Alfa organization in
  3. Users change the new emails to their current accounts in
  4. Tekla backend support accepts the change and move the company Beeta shared models to the company Alfa, so that users will have rights to use the current models

When same company has several accounts

In this case when the users decide to move from organization A to organization B due to license ownership, then there will be various things that will need to be manually approved, such as Model Sharing users transfer, Model Sharing models ownership transfer, Tekla Warehouse transfer etc that could potentially lead to a delay. Same as in the previous case, the company will need to contact their local support to escalate this for the changes to be accepted and applied.

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