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Engineering library (All Regions)

The following engineering library calculations (applicable to all regions) have been significantly updated for Tedds 2022.

Batch design

Enhanced to include a new 'Input variables file (.xml)' option. When an input variables file is specified, each design will start using the variables from that file and then the variables defined on the input Excel sheet will be applied.

This feature makes it easy to use an existing Tedds for Word document as the starting point for batch designs. Using Tedds for Word you can setup the input for your calculation, using either a calculation from the Tedds Engineering Library or your own custom calculation. Then create the variables file by using the Variables\Export Variables command which is available from the Tedds tab on the ribbon in the Tools group.

Once you configure the batch designs 'Input variables file (.xml)' option to use the file you saved then the only variables you need to define on the input sheet are the variables you want to change for each design, all the other inputs can be left undefined as they will already be defined via the input file.

Enhanced to include a new "Send input to Word" command for copying the design cases to Tedds for Word. This is useful if you just want to use the batch design to create a document with one or more designs in Tedds for Word with predefined input but you don't want to calculate the designs from Excel.

Component calculations

Added a new folder to the Engineering Library for "Component calculations". A component calculation encapsulates a small engineering solution which can be easily reused by other calculations. They are typically used by calculations in the Tedds Engineering Library and can also be integrated in your own custom written calculations.

  • Component calculation: Steel section sketch

    Creates a drawing of a Steel section profile which can then be used in the user interface or output of another calculation. Supports section types I, T, Channel, Pipes, Hollow Rectangle, Angle, 2 Angles, 2 Angles (log leg) and 2 Angles (short leg). The drawing can be customised to include dimensions and section properties as appropriate. The component is compatible with the input variables for Eurocode, American, British, Australian, and Canadian design standards.

Other updates

Other enhancements and corrections have been made to the following calculations, for detailed information about these changes select the "New and updated (Tedds 2022)" group in the Tedds Engineering Library and refer to the preview window.

  • 2D analysis - Frame Wizard
  • 2D analysis - Truss Wizard
  • Bolt group analysis
  • Rigid diaphragm force distribution
  • Rolling load analysis
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