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Feedback options

Feedback options allow you to define whether you want to participate in improving Tedds. You can either give us direct feedback or allow us to collect data on your use of Tedds.

Tedds Customer Experience Improvement Program

The Tedds Customer Experience Improvement Program option lets you define whether you want to allow us to collect information about your hardware and software configuration and how you use Tedds. The data is collected monthly, and used only to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Tedds.

Note: The Update service option must be enabled so that you can participate in the Tedds Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Feedback Survey

The Feedback Survey option allows you to determine whether you want to receive feedback surveys about Tedds or not. By default, we will automatically send you a feedback survey from time to time.

If you do not wish to receive feedback surveys, you can clear the Don't ask me again option.

If you have any concerns or suggestions in your mind, you can still click Start the Tedds feedback survey to give us feedback whenever you want to.

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