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Manage the address book

Use the Address Book to define and manage the companies and contacts used in all Tekla PowerFab modules. We recommend that you set up the address book as early as possible, so that working in Tekla PowerFab becomes more fluent and efficient.

To access the Address Book, do the following:

  1. Click the Maintenance ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Address Book.

The Address Book dialog box opens.

(1) Navigation tree: Allows you to only view specific companies.

You can expand and select options in the navigation tree. When you select an option, only companies that match the selected option are displayed.

For example, you can expand Firm Type and select Supplier to only display suppliers.

(2) Firm type: Tells Tekla PowerFab where the company information should be used.

For more information, see View firm types.

(3) Properties: Allows you to view the current company properties and credit settings and modify them.

(4) Contacts: Allows you to switch to a view where the contact persons of the companies are displayed.

Any red cells indicate companies that are over their assigned credit limit.

Note: You can customize the layout of the Address Book dialog box. For more information, see Customize the layout of a dialog box.
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