Create and manage requisitions

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Create and manage requisitions

The purpose of creating requisitions is having a list of the required materials for multiple jobs, so that you can optimize the use of similar materials. By creating requisitions, you can quote the required materials from vendors and attach the material items to purchase orders or existing inventory.

Requisitions also hold a copy of the production control record that is attached to the stock materials. You can manually move the records to and from stock items.

You can use and organize requisitions in different ways according to your needs. To illustrate, you can either use a single requisition for all required materials, or create separate requisitions for each phase and material type in each job.

We recommend that you plan the numbering of requisitions carefully to help you organize the requisitions in the future.

You can create and modify requisitions and material items within them on the Requisitions part of the Purchasing module.

In requisitions, you can:
  • Combine all or selected material items.
  • Load material items into a purchase order.
  • View the purchase history or change history of the requisition.
  • Update the pricing information.
  • Create an export requests for pricing.
  • Import pricing information for requisitions.
  • Create requisition reports.
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