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Tekla Tedds Integrator

The Tekla Tedds Integrator have been updated to Version 2.0 for Tedds 2020.

The Tekla Tedds Integrator which can be downloaded from the Tekla Warehouse allows Tedds documents to be linked to Tekla Structures models. You can link existing documents or create new documents which you or other Tekla Structures users can then easily modify or review during your BIM workflow.

Alongside the release of Tedds 2020, version 2.0 of the Tekla Tedds Integrator can now transfer geometry data from the Tekla Structures model directly into the appropriate Tedds calculation, saving you time and reducing errors.

Integration with the following Tedds calculations is included:

  • RC beam design (EN1992)

  • RC column design (EN1992)

  • RC wall design (EN1992)

  • RC stair design (EN1992)

  • Precast concrete beam design (EN1992)

  • Precast concrete column design (EN1992)

  • Precast concrete wall design (EN1992)

  • Precast concrete stair design (EN1992)

You can also create your own integrations to existing Tedds library calculations or to your own custom calculations, refer to the Tekla Tedds Integrator Reference Documentation for more details.

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