Components of the Data Graph window

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Components of the Data Graph window

To help you work with data graphs quickly and efficiently, see the components of the Data Graph window in the following paragraphs.

  1. Interpolate bar

    allows you to access the main data graph functions with one click.

  2. Data graph tabs

    allow you to display different details of the data graph.

    1. Graph tab

      displays a graphical representation of the graph.

      The Graph tab is the initial view of a data graph.

    2. Variables tab

      displays the current values of all variables related to the selected point of the graph.

    3. Notes tab

      displays any notes that apply to the graph.

    4. Sketches tab

      displays a diagram that relates to the graph.


All data graphs do not contain all of the previously mentioned details. If that is the case, the Notes tab and the Sketches tab may not be selectable.

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