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I try to add my own property set for the IFC export, but the attributes are shown under Default group in BIMsight. How to make the definition so that it gets its own group?

One property set definition (My_definition.xml in the picture below) can contain multiple property sets and they all will affect the export. The topmost Name field in the Property Set Definitions dialog box is for the property set definition and it will not be shown in the exported IFC file. Property set names again will be shown in IFC file as "group" names. Creating a new property set definition might be a bit tricky. There is no possibility to modify the existing definition name afterwards. So if something goes wrong in naming, you just need to create a new property set definition. There is no functionality to delete existing property set definition in user interface, but it is possible to delete the actual xml file from the AdditionalPSets folder in the current model folder.

There is always one default property set defined by default. When you add a new property set to the Property Set list, you need to:
  1. Type in the name what you want to show in BIMsight (My property set)
  2. Then click the New button

If you skip this and just start adding new attributes, then all the attributes you add either go to the default property set group or will get deleted when you click the New button (if you had added the attributes before clicking the new button). It is not possible to modify/edit the existing property set name, you can only use Remove button to delete the property set shown in the list.

When you have added the new property set, then you can start adding the attributes to the selected properties list. You can select the attributes from the Select attributes list in middle, or if your attribute is not available in there you can just type in the data to the Create/Modify property box and click Add button to add it to the list of selected properties.

It is also important to select some entity types, which define to which object types you want to show these properties. If you are not selecting any entity types, then your property sets are also not visible in BIMsight or in any other IFC viewer. In the example below we have not selected IfcElementAssembly entitly type, so these values are not shown on assembly level, but they are only shown on part level.


When you open the Property Set Definitions dialog box, the default property set is always shown first and you need to select your own property set from the list to be able to see and modify its' attributes.

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