How to change connecting side mark symbol for GA drawings

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How can I change the symbol for the connecting side mark in a GA drawing? Changing the symbol for XS_CONNECTING_SIDE_MARK_SYMBOL does not affect symbols in GA drawings.

The variable XS_GA_CONNECTING_SIDE_MARK_SYMBOL changes the symbol for GA drawings. XS_CONNECTING_SIDE_MARK_SYMBOL affects all the other drawing types. The XS_GA_CONNECTING_SIDE_MARK_SYMBOL is not available in Advanced options dialog box, so you need to add it to ini files. However, in versions before 20.0 there are some problems reading this variable from options.ini. So if it does not work, you should try adding it to some other ini file, like for example user.ini or you need to make options.ini file read-only for it to work from model folder.
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