Drawing associativity

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Drawing associativity

Tekla Structures drawings are associative. The objects in the drawing are linked to model objects, which means that most objects in the drawing are automatically updated when the corresponding model objects change. For example, if a model object is resized, the dimension points move with the corresponding object in the drawing, and the dimensions are recalculated. Still you do not lose any manual changes that you have made in the drawing. This applies to all drawing types.

Tekla Structures updates the following drawing objects to reflect the changes in the model:

  • Parts

  • Marks

  • Dimensions

  • Welds

  • Views

  • Section marks

  • Detail marks

  • Associative notes

  • Lines and other shapes

  • Tables

Tekla Structures retains the following manual changes made to drawings:

  • Base points of objects; for example, if you drag an object to a new location

  • Object properties; for example, color, font, and line type

Advanced options related to associativity




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