Error messages in multi-user mode

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Error messages in multi-user mode

Error message Problem Solution

Database write conflicts detected

More than one user has changed an object. Check the conflict.log. It lists the GUID numbers of the objects that more than one user has changed. This is not usually a critical problem. No need to use the Check database tool. See also Saving in multi-user mode

Could not save model. Possible reasons are:

- disk is full or write protected

- locked .tmp -file(s) exists in the model directory

You tried to save a multi-user model to a computer or folder that you could not access.
  • Check that you have permission to write to the model folder.
  • Check that there is enough disk space to save the model.
  • Restart the computer where you want to save the model. Try to save the model again.
  • Delete the .tmp files from the model directory.

Database locked cannot open model

Computer stopped responding while saving the model, which locks the model. To unlock the model, the user whose operating system stopped responding should open the model in multi-user mode and save it.

Cannot read autosaved model as a normal model in the multi-use mode

The opening of a multi-user Autosave file has been prevented in single-user mode to prevent the reading of wrong file types. Do not rename or move Autosave files. Do not open the Autosave file of a single-user model in multi-user mode or vice versa.
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