Collaborative modeling for administrators

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Collaborative modeling for administrators

You can use Tekla Model Sharing or Trimble Connect for collaborative modeling.

If your company takes part in external projects, or if more than one user works with the same model at different locations, we recommend using Tekla Model Sharing. For more information, see What is Tekla Model Sharing .

If users do not need to work simultaneously with other users on the same model, or you only need to give others viewing access to the model, you can use Trimble Connect for model coordination and exchange of other project files. For more information, see Trimble Connect.

Management of Tekla Model Sharing

In Tekla Model Sharing each user has a local version of the model, and the model data is shared and synchronized over the internet using a cloud sharing service.

Status information for the Tekla Model Sharing cloud sharing service and other online services is available on the Tekla Online status page. On this page, you can also find information about service breaks.

When a user shares a model, the organization that the user belongs to becomes the model owner. In Tekla Model Sharing, an organization always owns all the models shared by the users in the organization. A shared model is always owned by only one organization.

You can view and manage the shared models owned by your organization with the Management Console for Tekla Model Sharing. For more information, see:

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