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Library Access System

The Library Access System which is only available in Tedds for Word is used to access all the calculations in the Tedds engineering library.

The basic components, library types, and modes of the Library Access System and launching the Library Access System are described below.


The Library Access System can also be used to access Engineering data.

Components of libraries and sets

Libraries include two types of components: entries and items. See the components and their functions in the table below.
Name Description

Actual calculations, sketches, tables, or other pieces of data that the library contains, and that you can copy to your calculations.


Reference information that describes a particular entry, such as Short Name, Long Name, or Item Details.

Sets include two types of components: groups and items. See the components and their functions in the table below.
Name Description

Organize the items in a set into a logical order to help you find the items easily.

Groups may contain other groups, items, or both.


Point to an entry in a library, which you can execute by executing the item.

When you execute an item, the entry that the item refers to is copied to your document.

Library types

The Library Access System uses two types of libraries: system libraries and user libraries.
  • System libraries are intended to hold company standard information, which will not change frequently and which you normally cannot change.

    All libraries installed with Tedds for Word are system libraries.

  • User libraries contain your own data, and you can modify them.

    At installation, Tedds for Word creates a My Libraries directory that contains an empty MyCalcs.lbr user library file. The MyCalcs.lbr file is the default saving location of the data that you want to save to the Tedds engineering library.


  • The simple mode allows you to find, preview and execute groups and items. In addition, you can adjust the Library Access System settings.

  • The advanced mode allows you to use more advanced features of the Library Access System. The features include creating and modifying your own sets, and sharing your calculations.

Launch the Library Access System

  • On the Tedds tab, click Launch the Tedds Library Access System.

    The Library Access System window opens.

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