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Document templates

Document templates offer a convenient way of standardizing the appearance of your calculation documents. Tedds for Word contains a number of calculation templates, which can easily give your calculations a professional look.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Like other Word templates, the Tedds for Word templates contain elements connected to:
  • Page appearance, such as page size, orientation, and margins

  • Paragraph formats, such as font size and line spacing

  • Character formats, such as font type

In addition to helping you create professional-looking documents, templates simplify modifying the information in the header and footer of a calculation sheet.


You can also use standard Word templates to adjust the appearance of your document.

If you use a Word template, Tedds for Word adds the macros that it needs to function.

If you attempt a calculation in a document that does not have the necessary macros, Tedds for Word will offer to add them, and convert the Word template into a Tedds for Word template.

Before converting a Word template into a Tedds for Word template, note that:
  • Once you have added the Tedds for Word macros into a template, you can only use that template if you have Tedds for Word installed. Do not convert your Word templates into Tedds for Word templates, if you want to use the template later without Tedds for Word.

  • Converting a Word template into a Tedds for Word template only adds the macros that Tedds for Word needs to function. Therefore, you will need to create the paragraph styles yourself to format the document correctly.

  • You cannot add Tedds for Word macros to the template, which is automatically used for all documents that you open in Word.

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