Subscribe to alerts about content updates in Tekla Warehouse

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Subscribe to alerts about content updates in Tekla Warehouse

You can subscribe to alerts about updates in a content item or collection to have Tekla Warehouse alert you when content items or collections that are interesting to you are updated.

You receive an alert when any of the following changes takes place:

  • The title, description, search criteria, or metadata of the content item have been modified.
  • A new version of the content has been added.
  • A version of the content has been deleted.
  • The title or description of a collection has been modified.
  • A new content item has been added to a collection.
  • A content item has been deleted from a collection.

To subscribe to alerts:

  1. Sign in to Tekla Warehouse.
  2. Use Search to locate the relevant content item or collection.
  3. Select the content item or collection.
  4. Click .
  5. Click Alert me.
Your subscriptions are listed in My Warehouse > My alerts. If needed, you can filter the alerts to only show content alerts or collection alerts.

The modified content is highlighted with . To remove the highlighting, click Clear alerts.


To unsubscribe from alerts on a content item or a collection, go to the content item page or the collection page, click , then click Unsubscribe.

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