Adjust the display settings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Adjust the display settings

Adjust the display settings to define how parts and other model objects appear in model views.

Set the visibility and representation of model objects in the Display settings

You can define the visibility and representation separately for different types of model objects.

  1. Double-click the view to open the View Properties dialog box.

    Alternatively, on the View tab, click View properties.

  2. Click the Display... button to open the Display dialog box.
  3. Select or clear check boxes to specify which objects are visible in the view.
    You can specify separately the object visibility for the objects in model and for the objects in components.
  4. Select a representation option for parts, bolts, holes, welds, construction planes and reinforcing bars.

    You have the following options:

    • Fast

    • Exact

    • Reference line (only for parts)

    • Exact slotted holes (only for holes)

    • Exact - no weld mark (only for welds)

  5. If you are working with cast-in-place concrete structures, and the pour management functionality is enabled:
    1. In the Cast in place list, select whether you want to show the structures as Parts or as Pours.
    2. If you selected Parts for the cast-in-place concrete structures, select whether you want to show the parts as Merged or as Separated.
  6. Ensure that the view is selected.
  7. Click Modify to apply the changes.

To quickly modify the visibility of objects in model and in components, use the contextual toolbar. Click the view, and use the eye icon on the contextual toolbar to set the visibility.

Display settings

Note that some of these settings may affect system performance.





Defines how parts are displayed.

Fast uses a rapid drawing technique that displays internal hidden edges, but skips cuts. The setting does not automatically affect already modeled parts. When you switch this setting on, the fast representation mode will be applied only to newly created parts and to parts that are displayed with the Show with exact lines command.

Exact displays the cuts, but hides the internal hidden lines of parts.

Reference line shows parts as sticks. This option increases display speed significantly, when viewing the entire model, or large parts of it.

Cast-in-place concrete structures can be displayed as Pours, or as Parts that can be Merged or Separated. For more information, see View cast-in-place concrete structures.


Defines how bolts are displayed.

Fast displays the axis and a cross to represent the bolt head. This is the recommended representation mode for bolts, because it increases display speed significantly and consumes less system memory.

Exact shows bolts, washers, and nuts as solid objects.


Defines how holes are displayed.

Fast only displays the circle in the first plane. When using this option, Tekla Structures always displays fast holes on the first part (counting from the head of the bolt). If there are slotted holes in any of the parts, a slotted hole is displayed on the first part, even if the hole in that part is not slotted. The new slotted hole has the same size and rotation as the first slotted hole (counting from the head of the bolt).

Holes that are outside a part are always displayed as fast holes.

Exact shows holes as solid objects.

Exact slotted holes only displays slotted holes in exact mode and ordinary holes in fast mode.


Defines how welds are displayed.

Fast displays a symbol for welds.

Exact shows welds as solid objects and displays the weld symbols. When you select welds, the weld marks are displayed.

Exact - no weld mark shows welds as solid objects but does not display the weld symbols, nor the weld marks when you select welds.

For more information, see Set the visibility and appearance of welds.

Construction planes

Defines how construction planes are displayed.

Reinforcing bars

Defines how reinforcement objects are displayed.

Fast displays the shape of reinforcement meshes using an outline polygon and a diagonal line. Single reinforcing bars and bar groups are displayed as solid objects.

Exact shows reinforcing bars, bar groups, and reinforcement meshes as solid objects.


Part label

See Show part information by using part labels.

Point size

Defines the size and appearance of points in views. Also affects the size and appearance of the handles, together with XS_​HANDLE_​SCALE.

In model increases the point size on the screen when you zoom in. Shows points and handles as 3D cubes:

In view does not increase the point size. Shows points and handles as flat 2D objects:

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