Custom reinforcement mesh properties

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Custom reinforcement mesh properties

Use the Rebar mesh properties to view and modify the properties of customized reinforcement meshes. The file name extension of a reinforcement mesh properties file is .rbm.

You can define the following properties for the customized reinforcement meshes:

  1. Longitudinal distance
  2. Cross distance
  3. Longitudinal left overhang
  4. Longitudinal right overhang
  5. Cross left overhang
  6. Cross right overhang
  7. Length
  8. Width
Option Description

Spacing method

Define how the mesh bars are distributed.

  • Same distance for all: Use to create meshes with evenly-spaced bars.

    Tekla Structures distributes as many bars as possible for the length of Length or Width, using the Distances and Left overhang values.

    The Right overhang is calculated automatically, and it cannot be zero.

  • Multiple varying distances: Use to create meshes with unevenly-spaced bars.

    Tekla Structures calculates the Width and Length based on the Distances, the Left overhang and the Right overhang values.

    If you do not change any of the values, the spacing method changes back to Same distance for all.


Spacing values of longitudinal or crossing bars.

If you select the Multiple varying distances spacing method, enter all spacing values, separated by spaces. You can use multiplication to repeat spacing values. For example:

2*150 200 3*400 200 2*150

You can create meshes with unevenly-spaced bars. You can also define a different bar size or multiple different bar sizes for the longitudinal bars and the crossing bars.

Multiple bar sizes enable pattern creation. For example, if you enter bar diameters 20 2*6 in the longitudinal direction, Tekla Structures creates a pattern with one size 20 bar and two size 6 bars. This pattern can be repeated in the mesh along the longitudinal direction.

Left overhang

Extensions of crossing bars over the outermost longitudinal bars.

Extensions of longitudinal bars over the outermost crossing bars.

Right overhang


Diameter or size of the longitudinal or crossing bars.

You can define multiple diameters for the bars in both directions. Enter all the diameter values, separated by spaces. You can use multiplication to repeat diameter values. For example, 12 2*6 in longitudinal direction and 6 20 2*12 in crossing direction.


Length of crossing bars.


Length of longitudinal bars.


Steel grade of the bars in the mesh.

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