Slab bars (18)

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Tekla Structures

Slab bars (18)

Slab bars creates reinforcement for a concrete slab.


Alternatively, you can use the Mesh Bars and the Mesh Bars by Area components to create reinforcement to concrete slabs or walls.

See Mesh Bars / Mesh Bars by Area.

Bars created

  • Primary slab bars

  • Crossing slab bars

Use for


More information

Slab bars (18) creates reinforcement for the bottom or top surface of the slab, or for both.

Before you start

  • Create the concrete slab.

  • Calculate the required area of reinforcement.

Selection order

  1. select the concrete slab.

Picture tab

Use the Picture tab to define concrete cover thickness, which bars to create (bottom/top/both), primary bar direction, and which sides are regarded as top and bottom sides.



Create bars

Defines on which surface(s) to create bars. The options are:

  • Both sides

  • Bottom side

  • Top side

Primary bar direction

The direction of primary bars. Use to change bar direction. The options are:

  • Use slab x direction

  • Use slab y direction

  • Use global x direction

  • Use global y direction

Up direction

Defines which sides are regarded as the top and bottom sides of the slab.

Bottom bars/Top bars tab

Use the Bottom bars and Top bars tabs to define grade, size, spacing, and generation type of bottom/top bars, concrete cover thickness on slab sides, crossing bar location in relation to primary bars, end hooks and bend lengths.



Bar generation type

Defines whether Tekla Structures treats the bars as a group or a mesh.

Cross bar location

Defines whether the crossing bars are located above or below the primary bars.

End conditions

The hook angles at bar ends. The options are Straight, 90, 135, and 180 degrees.

Bend lengths

The bend lengths at bar ends.

Attributes tab

Use the Attributes tab to define numbering properties, name, and class of bars.




Prefix for the part position number.

Start number

Start number for the part position number.


Tekla Structures uses the name in drawings and reports.


Use Class to group reinforcement.

For example, you can display reinforcement of different classes in different colors.

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