Reinforcement mesh properties

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Reinforcement mesh properties

Use the Rebar mesh properties to view and modify the properties of reinforcement meshes. The file name extension of a reinforcement mesh property file is .rbm.

Option Description

User-definable name of the mesh.

Tekla Structures uses mesh names in reports and drawing lists.


Use to group reinforcement.

For example, you can display bars of different classes in different colors.

Numbering Mark series of the mesh.
Mesh type

Shape of the mesh. Select Polygon, Rectangle, or Bent.

Cross bar location Define whether the crossing bars are located above or below the longitudinal bars.
Cut by father part cuts Define whether the polygon or part cuts in the part also cut the mesh.

Identifier of the mesh. For standard meshes, the mesh name used in the mesh catalog.

To create a Standard mesh, click the ... button and select a mesh from the mesh catalog.

The properties of standard meshes are defined in the mesh_database.inp file.

To create a custom mesh, select the Custom mesh option and define the properties.


Steel grade of the bars in the mesh.

Available for custom meshes.

Bending radius

Internal radius of the bends in the bar.

Available for bent meshes.


See Add hooks to reinforcing bars.

Available for bent meshes.

Cover thickness on plane Distance from the part surface to the main bars on the same plane as the bars.
Cover thickness from plane Distance from the part surface to the bar, or bar end, perpendicular to the bar plane.

Thickness of concrete cover or leg length from the mesh starting point.

Available for rectangular and bent meshes.


Thickness of concrete cover or leg length at the end point of the bar.

Available for bent meshes.

IFC entity

For IFC export, select the IFC entity type and subtype of the mesh. The available subtypes depend on the selected IFC entity.

You can select the IFC4 subtype among the predefined options, or you can select USERDEFINED and then enter any text in User-defined type (IFC4).

Subtype (IFC4)
User-defined type (IFC4)

You can create user-defined attributes to add information about reinforcement. Attributes can consist of numbers, text, or lists.

You can use the values of user-defined attributes in reports and drawings.

You can also change the name of the fields, and add new ones, by editing the objects.inp file.

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