Report settings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Report settings

Use the Report dialog box to check or change the report settings.



Report: Report templates Lists all the available report templates.

Report:Titles in reports

Optional report titles.

You can enter up to three report titles. All the titles are not used in every standard report. Title1, for example, is used to show phase information in the Assembly_list report.

Report: Browse

Use to change the folder where the report will be stored. By default, reports are stored in the current model folder.

Show Shows the selected report.
Print Prints the selected report.
Create from all Creates a report from all objects in the model using the selected template.
Create from selected Creates a report from the objects you have selected using the selected template.

Options: Show report

Defines how Tekla Structures displays reports.

On dialog displays the report in a new window.

With associated viewer displays the report in the associated program. For example, you can have Tekla Structures open all HTML reports in a web browser.

Options: Show created report

Defines whether or not the report is automatically shown on the screen after it has been created.

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