Grid view properties

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Grid view properties

Use the Creation of Views Along Grid Lines dialog box to view and modify the properties of grid views.



View plane

The plane of the view defined by two axes similarly to the default view.

Number of views

Defines which grid lines the views will be created of.

None does not create any views.

One (First) only creates the view closest to the grid origin.

One (Last) only creates the view furthest from the grid origin.

All creates all views in grid planes in the relevant direction.

View name prefix

The prefix to be used with the grid label in the view name. This name overrides the name in the view properties.

View names consist of a prefix and a grid label, e.g. PLAN +3000. If the View name prefix box is left empty, no prefix is used. Tekla Structures adds a dash and a running number to the view name if view names are otherwise identical.

View properties

Defines which view properties (applied or saved) will be used.

Each view plane has its own view properties. You can load the properties from the current view properties with the option <applied values> or from saved view properties. The Show button displays the current view properties.

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