Deactivate on-premises licenses

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Deactivate on-premises licenses

License deactivation releases license rights from a license server, which allows you to activate a new version of the same license or to activate the same license on different hardware. There is no deactivation for online licenses.

The activation server at Trimble Solutions tracks the activation status of your on-premises licenses. You are not allowed to activate any version of the same license again without first deactivating it.

When you deactivate licenses, your license server contacts the activation server at Trimble Solutions, and the license rights are transferred away from your Tekla license server.

When you need to deactivate licenses

  • Before you upgrade or reinstall the operating system or before you change the hardware components of any computer that has a license server installation with active licenses.
  • Before you activate a replacement license, including licenses that entitle you to run a new version of Tekla Structures and replacement licenses for any temporary licenses.
  • Before you activate the same license on a different license server, for example, when you want to change from one license server computer to another.
  • Before you change the IP address on the license server computer.
  • Before you format the hard drive of or decommission your server computer.

When you do not need to deactivate licenses

You do not need to deactivate licenses before uninstalling and reinstalling the Tekla license server software.

Deactivate on-premises licenses

The information on this page is not valid for online licenses.

  • Internet access is required in license deactivation.

  • Deactivation must be done on the license server containing the active license. If your license server fails and cannot be recovered, contact your local support for assistance.

To deactivate licenses:

  1. Start the Tekla License Administration Tool app with administrator rights. This tool is installed together with the Tekla license server and you can find it through the Windows Start menu on the computer that is hosting your license server.
  2. In the Tekla License Administration Tool dialog box, go to the Statistic tab and ensure that no one is using the licenses.

    Before you deactivate licenses, ensure that the licenses are not in use or borrowed. The borrowed licenses must be returned before they can be deactivated.

  3. If you have not activated the automatic server notifications (the Notify Server option in Tekla License Administration Tool), you need to stop the license server manually in LMTOOLS:
    1. Go to Tekla Licensing > LMTOOLS through the Start menu or Start screen, depending on your Windows operating system. Start LMTOOLS with administrator rights.
    2. On the Service/License File tab, ensure that Configuration using services and Tekla Licensing Service are selected.
    3. Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and click Stop Server.
  4. In Tekla License Administration Tool, go to the Licenses tab.

    The Activated Licenses area lists the active licenses.

  5. Select the Deactivate check box to select the license for deactivation.

    If you activated more than one license of the same type in one go, you cannot deactivate those licenses one by one, but you need to deactivate all of the licenses in one go.

  6. The Deactivate button is activated, click it.

The license server contacts the activation server at Trimble Solutions. Internet access is required at this stage. After a successful deactivation you will see the license successfully deactivated message, and the Tekla License Administration Tool is updated to reflect the deactivation.

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