Specify a special color in drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Specify a special color in drawings

You can define a special color that is not converted to black when printed. This color will be printed as color or grayscale, depending on the selected printer settings. The special color is defined using RGB (Red Green Blue) values in a scale of 0 to 255. The special color is applied on parts as a hatch.

You can specify a special color for a building object (part, bolt) before creating a drawing, and use it in the final drawing for a drawing shape or a building object.

  1. On the File menu, click Settings > Advanced options and go to the Hatching category.
  2. Define the color using the following advanced options:

    The default value for all of the above advanced options is 230.

    The smaller the values are, the darker the shade.

  3. Click OK or Apply.
  4. Open a drawing.
  5. Double-click a drawing object to open object properties. For example, click a building object or a rectangle.
  6. Select a fill type.
  7. Select the Special fill color.
  8. Click Modify.
The object that you selected now uses the color that you specified.
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