Printing settings and search order

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Printing settings and search order

Tekla Structures printing settings in the Print Drawings dialog box are stored in two files: <user>_ PdfPrintOptions.xml and PdfPrintOptions.xml. When you open a new model, the PdfPrintOptions.xml file is loaded. The changes that you make in printing settings are automatically saved in <user>_ PdfPrintOptions.xml, and settings in this file are loaded when you re-open the model. The PDF report options are read from settings files with the name report.PdfPrintOptions.xml (in the printing dialog box, this settings file is shown as report).

You can create printing settings files for different printing purposes and load them later on. You can also create and share common settings throughout an organization.

You can load existing printing settings or save the current printing settings to either an existing printing settings file or a new file. The first settings file name in the control list will be standard and any other settings file names will be listed alphabetically after this. The latest settings used are automatically saved to <model>\attributes\<user>_PdfPrintOptions.xml (where <user> is the current Windows user when the dialog box is closed. The printing settings that you save using the Save button are saved to the <model>\attributes\ folder with the following names:

  • The standard file is saved as PdfPrintOptions.xml .
  • The report file is saved as report.PdfPrintOptions.xml.
  • All other printing settings names have the filename <SettingsName>.PdfPrintOptions.xml. For example, if you use the name MyPrintingSettings, the settings will be saved as MyPrintingSettings.PdfPrintOptions.xml.
  • If a file already exists it will be overwritten.
  • You can move the saved printing settings files to the following locations so that other models and/or other users can access the settings:
  • When you open the dialog box, Tekla Structures searches the above locations in the listed order for any available settings files and adds them to the setting list.
  • It will load the settings from the first of the following settings files it finds:
    • <model>\attributes\<user>_PdfPrintOptions.xml
    • <model>\attributes\PdfPrintOptions.xml
    • PdfPrintOptions.xml from the standard search locations listed above.

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