Distributing and managing on-premises licenses

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Distributing and managing on-premises licenses

The information on this page is not valid for online subscriptions.

The Tekla Structures FlexNet licensing system offers several options for distributing licenses to users. The way you distribute the licenses depends on the size of the company or organization, and the amount of Tekla Structures users.

There are two basic ways of distributing licenses to users:

  • The licenses are available for multiple users on a common license server.

  • The licenses are activated on each user’s own computer.

You can also use a combination of license distribution methods. For example, you can activate one license on a separate computer and activate the rest of your licenses on a common license server.

You can also use online licenses together with on-premises licenses. Users can switch between the two licensing methods when they start Tekla Structures. For example, users can use an on-premises license at the office, but switch to an online license when they are outside the office when they are mostly within reach of the internet. Using an online license eliminates the need to borrow licenses or connect to the office through VPN just to reserve a license.

The following table shows what is typical for managing the licenses that are activated separately on each computer, and for licenses that are activated on a common license server.

Licenses are activated on user's own computer Licenses are activated on a common license server

No need for an assigned license server administrator.

Each user manages the license server that is installed on the user's own computer.

Centralized maintaining and administration of licenses is needed.

A license server administrator maintains the license server and manages the license use.

Typically, there are a few Tekla Structures main users in a company. The main users are good candidates for license server administrators, because they are already familiar with Tekla Structures. For more information on the responsibilities of the license server administrator, see Checklist for the on-premises license server administrator

No need to manage license access rights.

Each user activates only the licenses that are needed.

By default, all license configurations activated on the server are available for all Tekla Structures users. However, centralized access rights management is possible.

The license server administrator can give different users access to different configurations. The license server administrator needs to modify the tekla.opt options file to manage the license access rights. For more information on managing license access rights, see Modify on-premises license access rights (tekla.opt).

Tekla Structures can be used out of office.

If the user's license is activated on a computer, license borrowing or a VPN connection is not needed.

Tekla Structures can be used out of office.

A user needs to borrow a license from the common license server or use a VPN connection to the license server to use Tekla Structures out of office.

Licenses are used only by one person.

Users have access only to the licenses that are activated on their own computer. If a user needs a license that is activated on another computer, the user needs to use the other computer. Another option is to deactivate licenses on one computer and activate them on another, which requires effort.

Licenses are checked out frequently by several users.

When the licenses are activated on a common server, they are available for multiple users. The licenses are checked out from the license server only when they are needed. When a user does not need a license, the user closes Tekla Structures and the license becomes available for another user. Switching from using one license to another is simple.

Rules of license usage

Tekla Structures users should accept common rules or an internal company policy. The rules should contain regulations of managing the licenses, for example, who is allowed to borrow licenses. Usage of common rules minimizes the amount of conflicts in license management.

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